X800 Tactical Goggles

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  • UV-400 PROTECTION:3 polycarbonate lens withstand high impact,frame is made by bi-raw material.The interior frame is seated with soft foam for comfort wearing
  • IT COME WITH 3 LENSt:black, transparent and yellow. You could choose the lens that fits you best for different activities. Do never forget to wear a protective gear for your eyes while you are going to airsoft combat. This airsoft goggle glasses fit for most people who loves airsoft combat, riding,jet surfing,cycling, kite surfing or tactical games.
  • TRANSPARENT LENS:can be very good in absorbing visible light, which are suitable for low-light rainy days. They can effectively improve the brightness of vision.
  • YELLOW LENS:remove certain colors from your vision, which are suitable for foggy days or dusk moment. They can improve visual contrast and provide a much clear visual image to your eyes.
  • BLACK LENS:protect your eyes from strong lights, which are suitable for blazing sunny days. They can provide good UV protection for eyes, keep your eyes from being harmed by strong light.

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Airsoft X800 Tactical Goggle Glasses 

Compared with Full-face mask, the goggles would not get hot or restrict your vision and your movements when you are in airsoft combat. And this goggles come with Three Lens for all your needs, you could use it for many weather conditions. Meanwhile it would be a good gift choice for your friends. It’s adjustable headband, hypoallergenic frame makes it fit to many people. 
Package includes: 3 Sets of Lens (Black + Transparent + Yellow) Frame 

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